We assist in delivering products and services that enhance the lives of millions of individuals every single day.

Here's the simple Lean approach we follow.

Problem Definition

We collaboratively develop a deep-working knowledge of our customers' challenges and the outcomes that they are trying to overcome


We co-create a range of solution options, each providing unique approaches to addressing and improving digital challenges


We create real, tactile prototypes, services and digital products from specific subsets of the ideas selected.


We test ideas and gather feedback to improve user experience and functionality. We adjust the solutions as well as our engineering and product methodologies to further improve business results.

We use modern Lean and Agile delivery principles

Reduce cost, time and risk to validate product ideas
Identify superior solutions faster
Assist to create more innovative solutions

We get things done.


  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Customer research and data analysis
  • Stakeholder and user interviews
  • User flows and customer journey
  • Strategic goal setting
  • Roadmap and hypothesis definition


  • Website and mobile app development
  • Technical & Data architecture
  • API and platform development
  • Quality assurance
  • AI and LLM services

Digital Experiences

  • Customer research and data analysis
  • User flows and customer journey
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes and testing

Coaching & Facilitation

  • Portfolio Operating models
  • Cross-team OKRs
  • Team Agile Ways of Working and DevOps
  • 1-on-1 (Lean and Agile)

How we deliver Amazing!

International perspective

Our members and collaborators work together from India, South Africa, Mauritius and the United States to provide a remote first, valuable global perspective on the work we execute.

Niche specialization

We work primarily with Incubators, SMEs, and funded Startups who develop SaaS and digital products in the finance, banking, sustainable healthcare, AI, Data and analytics and communication sectors.

Dedicated teams

We create specialized, end-to-end teams for each project. Throughout the lifetime of the project we provide a dedicated point of contact to guide you through the lifecycle of the project and delivery goals.


We explore new concepts and theories by conducting quantitative and qualitative research to uncover key customer insights, define user flows to improve customer acquisition and educate the co-created product direction, processes and features.

Holistic approach

Our research and discovery approach informs our end-to-end processes, UX and implementation outcomes. This allows us to create practical milestones and achievable delivery guarantees.

Regular communication

As a co-delivery partner, you can expect to have a constant line of communication with your dedicated team through, weekly calls to review progress and live updates via status boards and other modern artifacts.

Collaborative partnership

It's a collaborative effort that requires focus from both sides. To ensure the best results, we expect clients to dedicate a point of contact to be actively involved with the project.

We'll challenge everything

We're research-based, which sometimes means challenging the underlying assumptions behind a product, services, website, or brand-all in services of creating innovative outcomes!

Optimised client fit

Because of our niche set of services, we have a great understanding of where, how, and with whom we provide the best results.

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